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Tree Pruning


Trees are pruned for many reasons. Proper pruning is important to maintain the health of your tree. Lee Tree Company has professional, trained employees that take pride in being able to do the right thing for the trees we work on. Proper pruning removes the hazard of dangerous, dead, decayed and diseased limbs. We use the industry standard pruning guide and make proper cuts to insure your tree's health. Other reasons for pruning are to keep clearance from structures and elevation for ground clearance and mowing. Pruning improves the branch structure so limbs do not break, helping to prevent injuries and damage to property. Pruning is very important for young trees to correct poor branch structure so your tree will grow into a well-balanced mature tree.

A properly pruned tree is esthetically pleasing and makes your property safer and more manageable.

Tree Evaluations  


Hazard Tree Evaluations are very important for all property owners. We bring years of experience and knowledge to assist you in evaluating the potential hazard of your trees. This is an area of arboriculture that takes years to develop. An understanding of tree hazards is necessary in an evaluation and should not be trusted to just anyone as this is the most important action an arborist is entrusted with. Call us and let us give you the peace of mind knowing your trees have been inspected.

Cable and Bracing  


Not all trees need to be removed because they have defects in them. Cable and Bracing of trees is a good way to help prevent their failure. We can install a support system that will help stabilize and help prevent failure of large and small trees. If your tree is important to your landscape or has sentimental value and needs protection and/or support we can help you protect them. This type of work is an art form and we have many inspirational ways to support your weakening trees. This type of work can protect your property and prevent injuries as well.

Tree Removals  


Tree Removal is the most demanding work of the tree professional. Trees need removal because they are dead, decayed, and dangerous or no longer fit their purpose or place. We can remove trees in any situation. Our employees are experts at tree removal and we own and operate our own crane. If we can't get the equipment to your tree, we are all tree climbers and can do whatever is needed to remove your trees safely and efficiently. We can help you evaluate which trees need removal and provide hazard tree evaluations. If your tree needs to come down, we can get it done.



Fertilizing is the placement of nutrients and needed minerals into the soil to make them available for the tree to use in its growth production. Not all fertilizing is beneficial for trees. Too much nitrogen can actually harm the tree and the fertilizer must have the correct balance of all nutrients. It is important to examine the tree and soil to determine just what is needed for maximum growth. Blanket fertilizing is not always warranted or needed. At Lee Tree Company we feel that fertilizing should be applied when needed. Trees growing in the urban landscape frequently have poor soil conditions and need proper fertilizing to maintain optimum growth. Fertilizing is important before, during and after construction projects take place in the root zone, when natural nutrient levels are depleted or when trees are in stress. Some stress factors are construction, fungus, insect attacks, or soil disturbance.

We provide deep root fertilizing with a complete slow release formula that contains organic matter to replenish the soil so that your tree will have a healthy crown and strong root development.

Pesticide Service  


Disease and insect diagnosis of your plants and trees is a science we are proficient at. We can identify and treat your valuable plantings and trees. We first need to identify the problem and then come up with a plan to correct the problem. We use an integrated pest management program to restore the esthetic and economical value of your plants and trees. Many times the symptoms are just the reaction to underlying problems such as stress or damage due to environmental factors and treating the symptoms does not treat the problem. Let us evaluate your trees and put together a program to help your trees and valuable plants.

We are licensed pesticide applicators and can provide you with pesticide or environmentally safe alternatives. The key to keeping your trees pest free is to keep their vigor and health optimum so they can resist attack.

Vista Pruning  


We offer Vista Pruning so you can maintain a valuable view of the water, mountains or any other scenic vista. We use the Japanese term "Shakkei" which translates to "a borrowed view". We can create a view through the trees or over them. When the value of the vista is a place of peaceful reflection, then give us a call and we can help create or maintain your "Shakkei".

Stump Grinding  


Stump grinding is a value added service that we offer. Grinding your existing stumps or those remaining after our removal makes your yard look more aesthetically pleasing.


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